Use of B30 in the Dutch Horticultural Sector



The first B30 pump for the horticultural sector opened in the Netherlands in August 2008. The refuelling station of BP selling B30 diesel (a blend of 30% biodiesel and 70% mineral diesel) is located in Naaldwijk, close to the country's main horticultural production areas and auctions. In the framework of the Carbon Labelling project, this fuel pump was marked with the CO2Star label.


This initiative by the horticultural sector is a pilot project, from which lessons can be learned before scaling up to national or even European scale. The objective is to gather technical data (performance, emissions, maintenance, commerce) in a small scale, real life experiment with high blends of biofuel.


Since August 2008, 22 trucks equipped to transport horticultural products, have been filling their tanks with the B30 blend and use a carbon label to show customers and consumers that their products are transported by a 'low carbon' freight carrier. The vignet is also displayed on the tank at Naaldwijk.


BP offers B30 to transport companies for a maximum 1.5 mln ltr and a duration of 2 years. The initial adaptation of trucks, maintenance, warranties and monitoring during 2 years offered were by Volvo. Compensation of remaining extra costs for fuel and maintenance were offered by Productschap Tuinbouw, resulting in a safe and cost neutral operation for participating transport companies. Trucks in general make more than 100,000 km annually in Holland (collection of flowers at the greenhouses) or abroad (export to European countries).