Consortium of the "Schoon Geproduceerd, Schoon Vervoerd" Project



Schoon geproduceerd, schoon vervoerd’ is an initiative of the Productschap Tuinbouw, a consortium of several leading Dutch parties that grow, trade and distribute flowers, plants, vegetables, and fruits. Productschap Tuinbouw aims to reduce CO2 emissions - not only those related to growing crops, but also emissions further along the transport chain.

This initiative is realised by the Productschap Tuinbouw, Greenport organisations and Rabobank Nederland, project management by van de Geijn Partners in cooperation with BP, Volvo Truck Nederland and WD-Trucks as suppliers, Fides Holland, M&S Flowers, M. van der Helm, Nic. Sosef, Flowers4all and Wematrans as participating transport organisations, and the EU-funded Carbon Labelling project.