Frequently Asked Questions





Which lubricant is the best for which vehicle?


Most vehicle manufacturers claim for specific minimum requirements of lubricant efficiancy. Details and recommendations can be found in the user manuals of the vehicle. If there is no information about synthetic lubricants in the manual, please find more information here.



What are the costs for synthetic lubricants?


One liter of synthetic motor oil costs about the double or triple price of conventional lubricants. However, the fuel saving effect can outweigh the increased lubricant costs and save money in the long-term.



Is it possible to switch from conventional to synthetic lubricants without difficulties?


Yes. However, lubricant characteristics and requirements which are claimed by the vehicle manufacturer should be taken into consideration. The use of synthetic lubricants is a cost effective option even for older vehicles, but only if oil consumption is less than 0.3 l per 1000 km.



Is oil change necessary?


Complete oil change is recommended. In order to avoid negative impacts on the environment, oil changes should be done by professionals. Suitable oil change intervals are recommended by the vehicle manufacturers.



Where can I buy synthetic lubricants?


Usually, you can buy synthetic lubricants in any shop selling motor oils. You can also ask the vehicle manufacturer, service personnel, garage or equipment provider about synthetic lubricants.