Frequently Asked Questions





1. How do I know if my car is suitable for biodiesel?

Nearly all diesel cars from VW, Audi, SEAT and Skoda sold after 1996 and classified in a lower emission class than EURO 4 (excluding EURO 4) are suitable for biodiesel. Vehicles with self-regenerating particulate matter filter systems (EURO 4) are not approved for biodiesel. More information about passenger cars which can be operated with biodiesel can be downloaded here.



2. Is it allowed to mix fossil diesel with biodiesel in the tank?

Yes. Both fuels are characterized by similar structures and therefore mixable in any ratio.



3. Is consumption of biodiesel higher?

The energy content of biodiesel is slightly lower than the energy content of fossil diesell. Thus, biodiesel consumption is increased by 5% at maximum.



4. Does biodiesel harm my engine?

No. The oxygen content of 11% improves combustion. This results in lower deposits and soot.



5. Where can I refuel biodiesel?

In Germany, more than 1.900 gas stations offer biodiesel. An overview can be found under