The CO2Star Campaign for Biodiesel




The CO2Star Campaign was launched in the framework of the "Carbon Labelling" project supported by the European Commission eithin the 'Intelligent Energy for Europe" programme.


The objective of this campaign is to motivate passenger car drivers to use biodiesel instead of fossil diesel. This reduces greenhouse gas emissions and thus contributes to combat climate change.


In Germany, the CO2Star label was introduced by the fuel retailor Q1 in July 2007. The label promotes CO2 reductions of 60% for using biodiesel instead of fossil diesel. This reduction number only applies for biodiesel from rapeseed (rapeseedmethylester, RME) produced in Germany. Thereby reference is made to international renowned biodiesel experts.


In order to evaluate the success of this first pilot initiative, consumer surveys are performed.


Furthermore, in 2007 the CO2Star Label will also be introduced in The Netherlands. The label will promote CO2 reductions in the freight transport sector. For further information please visit the Carbon Labelling Webpage (






- Flyer of the CO2Star campaign of Q1 (in German)


- Sticker of the CO2Star campaign of Q1 (in German)


- Information about passenger cars suitable for biodiesel (in German)


- Press release [12.07.2007; in English]


- Interview with Mr. Bürkner (Q1) [12.07.2007; in German]



Fotos of the press day at Q1: