Biodiesel Pre-Blending



Biofuels in smaller and new EU Member Countries

Smaller and new European member countries have to comply with European policies and targets. Thus they have to introduce and support biofuels in their national energy policy. Biofuels may provide a better diversification in the fuel mix of a country, reduce dependence on fossil fuels and create new possibilities of employment. The problem is that many smaller European countries, like e.g. Malta, have only limited opportunities to produce biofuels within the national borders. They have also limited possibilities to store biofuels and/or to blend fuels on-site.


In countries similar to Malta, which do not have their own indigenous sources of fossil fuels and which presently rely on imported fuels for their energy needs, diversification of the fuel-mix would go a long way in enhancing security of supply. Unfortunately, unlike larger EU member states, large scale-farming of vegetable plants for use in the production of biofuels in Malta, and in the other small EU countries is not deemed feasible and hence Malta with its limited land resource would still need to import biofuels from third countries in this exercise of diversifying its fuel mix.


One solution to increase the use of biofuels in smaller EU member countries like Malta is to pre-blend the fuel with biodiesel in other European countries like Italy, Germany or Poland and to ship this pre-blended fuel to countries like Malta. The import of e.g. B5 (5% biodiesel) would guarantee biofuels consumption in Malta and at the same time eliminate high infrastructure and handling costs on the island.



Project activities

The Carbon Labelling project supports smaller European member countries to comply with biofuel targets. Main stakeholders for biofuel pre-blending are detected and informed about European regulations and targets. In order to discuss about biofuels in new and smaller EU member states, two workshops were implemented in Mata and Slovenia the framework of the Carbon Labelling project. Please click here to get more information about the workshops in Malta and Slovenia.


Opportunities for importing pre-blended biofuels to Malta are assessed by the Malta Resources Authority which is partner of the Carbon Labelling project. It is trying to implement a pre-blending programme for Malta.


Furthermore, a dedicated Carbon Labelling information campaign for Maltese residents is implemented. Consumers are informed about biodiesel and their benefits.


Please click here to download a flyer and a brochure about biodiesel in Malta.



Carbon Labelling Reports on Biofuels in smaller EU Member States


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