Freight Labelling


Freight Labelling

Freight companies in Europe are beginning to use biodiesel in higher blend levels, including e.g. B30 or B100 (pure biodiesel). This is resulting in much lower CO2 emissions per freight mile compared to truck companies using diesel. An opportunity exists to promote these companies as “low carbon” freight carriers through labels and promotional information that can be used with their customers. Depending on the interest of their freight customers, the promotion can address the end consumer through a label indicating the product was carried on a “low carbon” freight carrier.



Project Activities

The carbon labelling initiative for freight services is implemented in cooperation with the ‘Schoon product, Schoon vervoerd’ pilot project in the Netherlands. In January 2007 the pilot project Green products (sustainable production and safe products), Green transport (sustainable transport)’ (in Dutch ‘Schoon product, Schoon vervoerd’) started in the Netherlands involving freight company services in the horticultural sector. This project is an initiative of a powerful consortium with several leading Dutch parties in production, trade and distribution of flowers, plants, vegetables, and fruits. The project comprises the set-up of biodiesel (B30) refuelling stations at different locations as well as the introduction of CO2Star labels on the trucks transporting these products. A refuelling station for B30 has been installed.


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Reports of the CO2Star Campaign on Freight Services


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