The Carbon Labelling Consortium consists of five partners including market actors, institutes and associations.



  - WIP Renewable Energies, Germany  
  - Home Grown Cereals Authority, United Kingdom  
  - Senter Novem, The Netherlands  
  - Q1 Tankstellenvertrieb, Germany  
  - Malta Resources Authority, Malta  





The Carbon Labelling Project Consortium







WIP Renewable Energies



WIP has been active in the clean energy and environment sectors for over three decades, providing a range of technical expert and non-technical services to both industrial and public sector clients at the international level. In the field of bioenergy WIP is involved in several projects which have the overall aim to support the development of the European bioenergy sector through the stimulation of new biofuel markets. WIP offers project development, project management, technical supervision and realisation of both large- and small-scale projects, which involve the co-ordination of international consortia.


Contact: Dipl.-Ing. Dominik Rutz M.Sc., Dr. Rainer Janssen




Home Grown Cereals Authority

United Kingdom


HGCA was established under the Cereals Marketing Act 1965 to provide a market information service; sponsor or undertake research work in hone-grown cereals and oilseeds; and undertake other non-trading activities aimed at improving the production and marketing of cereals. HGCA’s mission is to improve production, wholesomeness and marketing of UK cereals and oilseeds so as to increase their competitiveness in UK and overseas markets in a sustainable manner. HGCA was established by farmers in the UK to evaluate various issues of interest to farmers including systems and seeds to improve yields, means to reduce production costs, new markets for grains and seed products, promotional programs to improve consumption of key commodities, export market analysis and product promotion.


Contact: Dr. Mairi Black, Rebecca Geraghty




Senter Novem

The Netherlands


Senter Novem is an agency of the Ministry of Economic Affairs. It carries out governmental policies in the field of innovation, energy & climate and the living and working environment, thereby contributing to innovation and sustainability. In recent years Senter Novem has gained experience in managing transition processes in the field of sustainable energy and environment, which are characterised by the involvement of various, public and private stakeholders. An example of a national process is the GAVE programme which aims at accelerating the introduction of climate neutral alternative fuels in the Dutch transport and natural gas market.


Contact: Elke van Thuijl




Q1 Tankstellenvertrieb



Q1 Tankstellenvertrieb GmbH & Co. is a SME in the fuel retail branch which operates 115 fuel stations in Germany. Q1  is also a wholesale and retail distributor of biodiesel in Germany. The Q1 retail network was among the first players to branch out into distribution and retailing of biodiesel in the early 90’s when the industry was just getting started. They also have a long history of activities in the petroleum sector. Q1 has a focus on alternative fuels. At more than 85 Q1 gas stations at least one alternative fuel is available, however, the emphasis is set on B100 biodiesel.


Contact: Sven Bürkner




Malta Resources Authority



The Malta Resources Authority is a public corporate body with regulatory responsibilities relating to water, energy and mineral resources in the Maltese Islands. It was set up by the Maltese Parliament through the Malta Resources Authority Act of 2000. The MRA has wide ranging responsibilities essentially involving regulation of water and energy utilities, industrial enterprises exploiting resources such as oil exploration, quarry operators and private abstractors of groundwater, retailers, operators and tradesmen in the regulated sectors. Article 4 of the MRA Act (Cap 423) establishes the functions of the Authority and gives wide ranging responsibilities essentially involving regulation of practices, operations and activities in the energy, water and minerals sectors.


Contact: Simon Borg